Augmented/Mixed Reality

Wide FOV AR/MR Near Eye Display

MEMS laser scan projection display is ideal for wide FOV AR/MR near eye display. In addition to optical combiner based virtual display technologies, laser scan projection offers an unique wide FOV solution called Retinal Scan Display (RSD) by scanning very low power laser beam over viewer's retina to form images.

With fiber coupled RGB lasers and a 2D MEMS mirror, designer can separate the near eye display from the bulky electronics and battery for a compact and lightweight AR HMD. A light field RSD can also be implemented with fiber coupled laser array and a MEMS scanning mirror.

RSD Image

3D Depth Sensing Camera

3D depth sensing is vital for VR/AR/MR applications. Our compact 1D and 2D MEMS mirrors enable focus free and programmable structured light patterns providing high resolution MEMS depth sensing camera compact enough to fit into mobile and AR/MR head mount devices.

AR Head-Up Display

We have developed a large FOV solution for customer to implement AR contents in head-up display. The solution provides virtual image over 15,000 nits brightness at 2x FOV of current LCD based HUD system.


Ultra Compact MEMS Scanning Mirror

Opus Microsystems' 1D and 2D MEMS scanning mirror are designed with electrostatic micro-actuator monolithically integrated with the mirror based on proprietary IPs. The MEMS mirrors offer excellent performance at ultra low power consumption in the most compact package in the market. The MEMS mirrors are fabricated by our world class strategic MEMS manufacturing partners for large volume production.

Features of Opus Microsystems' MEMS scanning mirrors

  • Proprietary electrostatic design
  • Monolithic micro-actuator
  • Low power consumption
  • SMT reflow process compatible

1D MEMS scanning mirror

Our 1D MEMS mirrors are designed for resonant operation with optical scanning angle as large as 86 deg. Millimeter size mirrors with resonant frequencies in the range from 500Hz to several kilohertz are available.

The 1D MEMS mirror is coated with gold for high reflectivity in NIR and IR applications such as structured light projection for 3D camera, bio-medical sensing, laser printing, LiDAR and etc.

2.5x3mm Mirror

1D MEMS 2.5x3mm

4x1mm Mirror

1D MEMS 4x1mm

2mm Mirror

1D MEMS 2mm

2D MEMS scanning mirror

We developed both resonant scan and raster scan 2D MEMS scanning mirrors with gimbaled architecture to allow the mirror to oscillate about two orthogonal axes. The raster scan 2D MEMS mirror is designed with resonant motion in the fast axis and controllable motion in the slow axis to realize HD720P or higher resolution projection display. The bi-resonant 2D MEMS mirror can be driven by PWM signals for resonant oscillation in both axes for a lissajous scanned pattern.

Bi-resonant Scan Mirror

2D bi-resonant MEMS

Raster Scan Mirror

2D raster scan MEMS

MEMS Laser Scan Projection

Opus Microsystems provides complete MEMS laser scan projection solution including MEMS laser scan projection chipset, and reference designs of projection module. MEMS projection chipset consists of raster scan 2D MEMS mirror, mirror position sensor, and scan display controller for processing video signal, laser color management and MEMS control.

Opus Microsystems' laser scan projection solution:

  • Chipset: MEMS mirror, MEMS position sensor, Scan display controller
  • Reference design of projector engine
  • Reference design of projector module

Pico-Projector Reference Design

MEMS Laser Projection Demo

High Brightness MEMS Laser Scan Projection Demo